Lost & Found


I found two pieces of paper on the sidewalk in the Rino District of Denver. They fit perfectly together like a puzzle. It was a poem or a song, that someone ripped in half for someone like me to find. Walking around Denver, and eventually Los Angeles, I began to find more bits and pieces of stranger’s lives. Notes, lottery tickets, pictures, receipts. As someone who hoards notes passed in high school, and old trinkets that don’t hold much meaning anymore, I started to think about why these items were let go and the stories of the people who once held possession of them. I began to pose questions about the missing pieces I found and wondered how far these objects had traveled. Did the wind take them to an unfamiliar place? Or did I find them where they were first left behind? The more I found, the more intrigued I was about finding people’s lost belongings. These lost snippets of life, became my inspiration for this series. I wanted to capture lost moments of people’s lives and thought more about the saying: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” I captured the places where these found items lived. I took these pieces home with me so I could also photograph each item on a white background, as if they were “evidence.” Evidence of people’s lives.

Edited on Adobe Photoshop