While we live in a 3D world, different forms of “social” media have become more and more 2 dimensional. You watch a video, you play a game, but where's the creativity; when do you ever get to become the creator? The goal of this project is to do just that, to appropriate an archive of media to create your own virtual experience. The inspiration from this project comes from Kilo Kish, a content creator, singer and dancer who created a simple website with 4 separate clips to choose from. As you select a clip it appears in the main media player allowing you to create your own YouTube video. The videos we use are very clear cut youtube genres: apology videos, mukbangs, unboxing hauls and makeup tutorials. The juxtaposition of these genres will create different moods depending on the selected video; from gossiping and eating food to apologizing about it. The ultimate goal is to allow people to feel in control about their experience, instead of simply experiencing.  

This website was coded using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Although shoosh.net does not virtually live anywhere on the internet, here is a screen recording of the project.